Hyper Boreal

by Ariana Giroux

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Imperfect 03:49


This release comes at a strange time for me. Between moving, loosing all forms of work, gaining new forms of work, and starting a new journey in life; I've kept writing music throughout.

This release was written during the final month of waiting for - and initial months of being on - Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). I'm a proud member of the Trans* Community, and I am so incredibly excited to finally celebrate that publicly through my music!

For many in the community, public celebration of their unique identities is simply out of the question. I however am lucky enough to live in a country and place that supports my right to exist, and am surrounded by amazing and supportive people. I wanted to try to make something that portrayed a small slice of the Trans* experience. Something subtle enough that those who are still in the closet or in dangerous situations could have a moment of quiet rebellion through music.

It was important to me to continue to work with Trans* artists for the art of the album. I commissioned a few local Trans* folx, and insisted that they give me their interpretation of my art. The lovely and singly unique B I. They've got one of the most interesting artistic minds I've ever seen, and I highly recommend you seek them out for a commission! (commission links coming soon)

I wanted to say more, but my boobs hurt and I've been crying about everything (even had to walk away from this a few times). I'm going to go eat chocolate and cry about Baby Yoda, I hope you enjoy the tunes!


Whoo! Enough with the heavy stuff, onto the nerd stuff.

Album was produced exclusively with an MPC Live (Gen 1), Novation Circuit, and Korg Volca Keys. All samples were pulled from Splice or are otherwise found sound. Learning the MPC has been crazy challenging, but truly inspiring. Dear lord does it ever have amazing sounding pre-amps... The project was done entirely outside the DAW, except for the mastering stage. Only open source software (i.e Ardour, Calf-LV2 suite) were used for said mastering stage. Lastly, most of the bass sounds were triple processed via a stereo cassette deck for added juiciness.

Album Art contact: i.mx.being.alive@gmail.com


released November 25, 2020




Ariana Giroux regina, Saskatchewan

Synth nerd and electronica producer, general nerd and FOSS enthusiast.

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