Let Me Be Perfectly Queer

by Ariana Giroux

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Yall better quiet down I've been trying to get up here all day
Eat those skittles Grow those titties
Field of Dreams Field of Dreams Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Dick Dick Knob Shaft Dick Dick Cunt Dick Shaft Dick Dick Knob Cunt Dick Cunt Dick Cunt
The Return 03:19
The Prophet Is Returning She is here


If there is one thing I have learnt in a decade of being a trans woman, its that I should talk less and smile more.

(Check the track info! Each song has intent and a write-up about why it needs to be said!)

And I fucking refuse. Yes, trans women are angry sometimes. We are damn well justified! So yes, Let Me Be Perfectly Queer. I and the women like me will not be silenced. We will never stop fighting for a better world for not only ourselves, but for all of us.

To quote Sylvia Rivera, "The people up there trying to do something for all of us, not just a white middle class white club!"

This EP originally started out as a local trans activist and woman who shows her power every day asking me to submit a couple tracks for a pride event. Originally, I was just going to submit a few already released tracks, and instead I got inspired.

After the countless times this year that I have been laughed at, called a bully, or told that I am simply being angry and ridiculous by my cis-queer "allies" all for demanding respect and requesting backup against transphobia, I had something to say.

So yes. Yall better quiet down, because I have been trying to be taken seriously for a damn decade, and I am only about to get louder. Nothing will silence me.


On to the technical stuff! I wrote this EP in like 2 weeks, because I super stalled and delayed for a while. So, in that two weeks I completely redesigned my studio, picked up a new mixer/recorder (Zoom L-12, definitely recommend), and learnt a new groovebox.

The woman who originally inspired this lent me a Korg Electribe 2, which appears prominently on '2021 Pride Ambient Jam' and 'Field of Dreams' as texture and lead sounds. Good lord does this thing have a chunky bass sound, and my word is it everything I wanted the circuit to be.

Everything else is standard fare: MPC Live (Gen 1), Modal Skulpt, Volca Keys, Novation Circuit for writing. Ardour and LSP-Suite for limiting & finalization.


released June 12, 2021




Ariana Giroux regina, Saskatchewan

Synth nerd and electronica producer, general nerd and FOSS enthusiast.

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