Eat Those Skittles

from Let Me Be Perfectly Queer by Ariana Giroux

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As a trans woman who did not pursue medical transition for the first 9 years of my transition, I am intimately familiar with the constant pressures that trans women face to medically transition.

We are constantly told by our queer allies that "you don't need to hormones to be valid!" That "your body is valid as it is, and medical transition is your choice!" Yet, despite that constant messaging from queer organizations and community members alike, there is still a constant pressure to seek medical transition.

Whether it be the never ending "oh your trans? How long have you been on hormones?" question, or the allusion that "you'd pass better if you were on hormones." Whether it be the weird and questioning looks that we receive when we talk openly about our relationship to hormones, or the side glances to check the size of our chest. The reminders are constant.

So this song stands as my refusal of those pressures. I will seek medical transition for my own happiness, not to aid others in their perception of me. It is not a chest that I seek hormones for, but instead the myriad of subtle tiny changes. It is not for passing privilege that I seek medical transition, but for my own soul.

So no, I won't "eat those skittles and grow those titties" because womanhood goes so much further than my chest.


Eat those skittles

Grow those titties


from Let Me Be Perfectly Queer, released June 12, 2021




Ariana Giroux regina, Saskatchewan

Synth nerd and electronica producer, general nerd and FOSS enthusiast.

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